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Alien Animal Update - Blender-2.8x Version

Here is an update of my alien animal creature for a use in Blender-2.8x The blend-file also includes a collection (texture bake) which shows my workflow to post process, adjust and rebake pbr textures. It is nice if you wanna add more details to your normal-map other texture types. Old-New-Normalmap-Alien-Animal Texture-Bake-Alien-Animal-Update-in-Blender-2.81a

Main objects description. Object - Alien-AnimalPostProcessing : The object is for setup the post processing material, it also can be high-poly to get more details. It is parented to the rig and has an Armature modifier for posing. Object-Alien-Animal_PostProcessing Object - Alien-AnimalTexturetest: Just for testing the new baked textures. Also poseable. Object-Alien-Animal_Texturetest_2 Objects description for the texture bake collection. Object - 01Selected-Body-TextureBaking: The same object like Alien-AnimalPostprocessing just without the Armature modifier and no parent to the rig (Rig-Alien-Animal), it is not poseable. It is the source object for the texture output. - Color Texture Output - Normal Output - Metallic Texture Output - Roughness Texture Output - Emission Texture Output Warning: The object and the output node needs to be selected first before you start the bake process! Object-01_Selected-Body-TextureBaking Object - 02Active-Body-TextureBaking: The target object for the texture bake process. Warning: The object needs to be selected at last (hold shift) before you start the texture bake process! Object-02_Active-Body-TextureBaking Object - Cage-Body-TextureBaking: A cage object. It gives more control for the cast rays which are a part of the texture bake process, the mesh of the object defines the start for the rays. It is a linked duplicate of the Active-Body-TextureBaking object and so it has the same polycount which is important to start the texture bake process with Cage. This object is not visible into the viewport but it could be, I would keep it invisible and don't touch it! I used a Displace modifier with one vertex group to define the influence so that the mesh of this object is nearly about the surface of object 01Selected-Body-TextureBaking. Object-Cage-Body-TextureBaking

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