You create amazing resources, we help you sell them Cubebrush is the complete solution to sell your work, get discovered and grow your audience
  • Get your free store up and running in under 2 minutes
  • Up to 16Gb per products
  • Customize your store
  • Use images, videos & 3D modelsembeds to show off your products
  • No listing fees / Instant listings
  • No review process
  • Bulk upload
  • Upload any kind of file
Never turn away a customerWe accept PayPal and all major credit cards

Control over your products

There is no approval process because we trust you know your own field of art. The second you add a product to your store, you can start making money!

Get paid often

Payouts are on the 1st and 15th of each month as long as you reach a balance of $20 for that period. Get paid via Paypal or wire transfer (some conditions apply)

Track how you're doing

With powerful analytics at your disposal, it's easy to see how well you're doing and plan for your future of riches

  • How can I open a shop on Cubebrush?

    If you head over to the «Open a Store» page you’ll learn all about why you’ll love selling your art resources and assets on Cubebrush. From there, you can simply request an invite by clicking on the «Open a Store» button. We love to see links to actual products you sell already or portfolio pages with content relating to what you want to sell.

  • How do I get paid?

    We send out payments on the 1st and 15th of every month as long as your earnings balance reaches $20 for that period. If it doesn’t, the total is simply added to the following period instead. Payouts are sent via Paypal and wire transfers on a per-request basis (some conditions apply).

  • How much money can I make on Cubebrush?

    This obviously depends on a lot of variables. A good portion of our sellers advertise directly to their social followings which can help a lot, but on top of that we work tirelessly to make your products easily discoverable by as many potential customers as possible — on and outside of Cubebrush. Let’s see how much we can help you make — Open a Store today!