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Male Arm Basemesh


A male arm basemesh ready for your projects!

The model is the perfect starting point for your next character and comes with all the industry standard features and some extra features that will really speed up your workflow:

  • Clean quad topology

  • UVs

  • Polygroup splitted (UV based)

  • Low to High Poly

  • Hand Painted Polypaint

  • Skin Detail Pass

With this basemesh you can start sculpting without worrying about proportions, anatomy and topology and with already layed down skin tones and details you can jump directly to the final touch ups, scan projections, super high frequency details, etc. Thanks to the UV layout you can easily export full resolution textures without losing any time in retopology and unwrapping.

In addition to this head you'll get a FREE Rigged Arms Biender file, with two rigged and textured arms ready to pose and render for export and/or reference. With the 4 included poses in the pose library it's a super useful tool for any artist who wants to speed up its hands and arms posing.


The files you'll get are:

  • OBJ Basemesh LowPoly

  • OBJ Basemesh HiPoly

  • ZTL file

  • Original ZPR file

  • 4K Color, Normal and Displacement Map + Nail Rough Mask Map

  • BLEND file for the Rigged Arms (packed textures version)

If you had any problems or you need different file extentions please contact me.


The friendly reminder is that this is a basemesh intended as a starting point NOT a hires model or scan, it's meant to be used for further refinements and detail/texture projections. My personal workflow with this basemesh is usually to start sculpting on Sdiv2 or 3 without caring too much about skin details. Once I'm happy with the sculpt I go all the way up to Sdiv5, subdivide one more time and the start cranking up the details with scan projections/alpha brushes/procedurals. Eventually it also can be used for reprojecting Dynamesh scuplts or scans (I usually do it with ZWrap and works quite nice).

The Rigged Arms Blender file is a simple FK rig with two copies of the arm basemesh and 4 different poses in the pose library. It's not intended to be a full game ready rig and its most common use scenarios are for quick posing and exporting or as a reference tool for artist. I personally use them a lot in doing statues and/or static pieces, or as 3D base for 2D concept/drawing/paintover, cutting off all the foreshortening and perspective matching for the piece.

You will get 1 file

All files previously purchased will always be available for download in your Library

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