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3Dfoin - Tyrannosaurus Rex

If you've ever wondered what 6.8 metric tons of prehistoric terror looked like, your journey ends here. Enter Tyrannosaurus Rex: the Tyrant Lizard King. The iconic king of dinosaurs and one of the largest land carnivores in Earth's history, the T-Rex is certainly the most famous, and by far, the most common dinosaur to appear in fiction, movies, and video games. They're massive, powerful, terrifying and definitely can make your game a lot cooler.

Formats included: .3ds .b3d (Blitz3D) .blend (Blender3D) .dae (Collada) .dbo .fbx .max (2012 biped) .mdl (3DGameStudio) .ms3d (Milkshape3D) .smd .ugh (fragmotion) .unitypackage .x (DirectX) iProp (iclone5) mesh-mtl (Esenthel)

Features: Fully rigged, textured and animated. 4 color options. Polygon count: 5694 Triangles. Textures: 2048x2048 diffuse maps, normal map, specular map, specular color map Animations: walk run stand idle roar attack 1 attack 2 attack 3 attack 4 hit 1 hit 2 death

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