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Fantasy Stylized Weapons Pack

Fantasy Stylized Weapons Pack

Do you want to create your RPG game and you need a lot of weapons? This Fantasy Stylized Weapons Pack is a vast collection of detailed swords, axes, shotguns, and more, all modeled and textured in a stylized aesthetic. These weapons fit perfectly in any of your fantasy RPG, hack-and-slash, or weapon-related projects and games! Each element has been carefully crafted with in-game use optimization in mind: polycount, textures, UV maps atlases etc. Like all our products this Fantasy Stylized Weapons Pack is handy to use and easy to modify.


Many types of weapons (swords, daggers, shotguns, axes, bows).

Tri count from 48 ~ 404.

292 prefabs.

20 Meshes.

Unique designs:

  • 12 unique swords designs.
  • 12 unique axes designs.
  • 12 unique shotguns designs.
  • 8 unique bows designs.
  • 8 unique daggers designs.

292 stylized weapons:

  • 72 swords
  • 72 axes
  • 72 shotguns
  • 48 bows
  • 28 daggers

Stylized materials:

  • 2048* 2048 Hand Painted Texture.
  • 6 color variations per weapon for wide customization are included.

There is more models of this series – explore our models set!

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