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African Animal Elephant II (Full Version)

This is a Super High Poly 3D Model with meshes optimized up to Super Low Poly version:

•Elephant 2 - SHP 12474 tris; •Elephant 2 - HP 6162 tris; •Elephant 2 - LP 4006 tris; •Elephant 2 - SLP 2192 tris.

Model has 44 Bones.

Textures with PBR: •Elephant 2 - 5 Color Textures, 1 Normal, 1 Roughness, 1 Metalic, 1 Ambient Oclusion Maps (all 4k).

Model has 40 UNIQE Animations (InPlace & RootMotion). The Unity Project contains TWO[2] FBX Files, one with 'In Place' animations and second with 'Root Motion' animations: Walk, Run, RunAttack, FightIdle, Fight, Eating, FightIdle01, Attack, Hit Right/Left/Front/Back, Idle, LieDown, Sleep, WakeUp, Rest, Death, StartIdle, IdleTrumpet, EndIdle, WalkBack, Strafe Left/Right, DousingWithWater, Swimming, Turn Left/Right, AttackBack, Death01, Walk 01, Walk Turn Left/Right, Run Turn Left/Right, Walk Back Turn Left/Right, Swiming Turn Left/Right, Attack Left Side Leg .

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