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Unreal Engine 4

PBR Roof Tile Generator

This product contains a single .sbs and .sbsar file which can generate up to 5 different roof styles. For software that can utilize .sbsar files, I've added parameters to give more control over the Substance.

These parameters include the following:

  • Color editors to modify the color of the tiles, their details, as well as the moss and grout.
  • Tile amount sliders to change how many rows or colums of roof tiles you'd like
  • Moss and grout height controls to add and blend in either of the secondary materials in a natural way
  • Roughness range and position sliders to make simple adjustments to the roughness levels
  • Normal and Height map range and intensity sliders to adjust how strong each map is
  • A single, simple button to switch between OpenGL and DirectX normals in your host application (no need to re-export a new .sbsar or edit the graph just to change normal format!)

For those not using the .sbsar or just wanting the textures instead, you can download Substance Player (it's free!) and load in the .sbsar file there. You can play with the controls and tile types and amount and then export the bitmaps and bring them into any host application!

This graph is built for PBR metal rough workflows, can work in a variety of resolutions, and includes the following maps:

  • Base Color
  • Roughness
  • Normal Map (DirectX and OpenGL)
  • Height Map
  • Ambient Occlusion Map

You will get 2 files

All files previously purchased will always be available for download in your Library

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