Characters and Anatomy
Base Meshes

Stylized Female Basemesh - High Res

This stylized female base mesh can be used as a starter for any of your projects!

The high poly sculpt comes with clean topology and six subdivision levels - ideal for additional sculpting and or just as a base to create something new with!

The high poly sculpt included can be used as a reference point for how I make stylized female character anatomy.

This product includes : High Poly sculpt with six subdivision levels on the body Low Poly versions of all assets (body, eyes, lashes, hair) Polygroups in Zbrush for easy section isolation Clean topology for sculpting Mouth bag Eyes, lashes, and eyebrows All assets are UV mapped OBJ, FBX, and ZTL (Zbrush 2021 and above)

Have fun and enjoy!

You will get 3 files

All files previously purchased will always be available for download in your Library

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