Concept Art

Sketchbook of Adam Miconi: Jan 2015 - Dec 2015

40 Page PDF

Here you will be buying one of three sketchbooks I maintained throughout 2015. In this file you will find a 40 page PDF of most of the pages from this sketchbook in a raw, unedited format.

See my thought process, analyze the way I lay down my lines, study my line sensitivity. See my good, bad, and even abandoned sketches as well as some that have worked their way into my final illustrations and some that are to become illustrations.

In this particular sketchbook, you will see that my young child got ahold of it and "helped" me draw when I wasn't around the book. Did I get upset? No. Sketchbooks are an adventure, a memory, have fun with them!

Most of the images in this sketchbook are available to view for free on Instagram but here you get the raw, straight on, unedited version of each illustration without any special filters, angles, or crop.

So go ahead, take a look! I hope you like it and feel free to spread the word and tell your friends!

You will get 1 file

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