Hard Surface

Kitbash set, Joints 01

Non subD 3D kitbashing set for fast prototyping and designing.

45 elements, 50 objects

You can watch how I use kitbash sets ,here

formats included: .blend .FBX .obj

auto UVs are included in case if some renderer doesn't have that. Tested with quixel and substance, I still suggest to use procedural textures though.

(Because everyone handles obj as is pleased; For renderers there shouldn't be any problems, but for modeling apps check if it imports correctly with quads, n-gons and smoothing groups.)

If there are any problems let me know, and If You create something cool with it can always tweet me at @AdrianRutk0wski that's always awesome to watch!

have fun with it !

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You will get 4 files

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