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Fancy Pancakes - fbx and Hi-Rez Textures

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Screenshots are rendered with Unity 2021 using URP render pipeline.

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• Served table with pancake towers, fruit and coffee • 3 types of small bowls (some filled with groups of fuit, chocolate chips and whiped cream), • 1 pancake, blueberry, raspberry and chocolate chip, • 1 mokapot, small pot and butter dish (those items cannot be open) • 1 fork, knife and Honey Stick • 1 coffe cup and milk jar • 1 back of a chair (Only that, chair is not complete) and 1 top of table (Only that, table is not complete) • Every time has their own fbx file • The assembled scene has 62k tris, each pancake has 716 tris • 6 PBR Materials • 4096 png textures, including Albedo, Normal, Ambient Occlusion, Metallic and Opacity maps • Textures ready for Unity Metallic

By Aender Lara

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