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Military Tactical Vest / Full Tutorial + 3D Model

+10 hrs Full Tutorial (Modeling, Unwrapping, Texturing and Rendering) Game Ready Base Mesh Clean Quad Topology Unwrapped in UDIMs workflow 4K Textures in PNG (16 bit)

Softwares used in this pack: Marvelous Designer/ Blender / Rizom UV / ZBrush / 3Ds Max / Substance Painter / Marmoset Toolbag Addons Used in Blender:Hardops Plugin used in 3Ds Max: UV Tools 3.2g No narrated Realtime tutorial Tutorial pack contains:

+7 hrs Modeling and Retopo Tutorial in 11 Parts (Marvelous Designer, Blender, 3Ds Max) Unwrapping Tutorial in 2 Parts (Rizom UV) +2 hrs Texturing Tutorial in 4 Parts (ZBrush, Substance Painter) Lighting and Rendering in 1 Part (Marmoset Toolbag)

Tutorial Overview: Step 1. Creating base model in Marvelouse Designer. in this part the model is created with less details. Step 2. packing UV in Rizom UV and preparing the mesh for retopo. Step 3. Retopo process goes on in ZBrush and 3Ds Max. Step 4. re-unwrapping of the model and adding details in Blender such as sewing lins, fabric edges, buckles and hardwares, tapes etc ... Step 5. Sculping and refining detials in ZBrush. in this step we have two outputs; high poly OBJ as a baking refrence and low poly FBX as a base model for texturing. Step 6. texturing goes on and in last session the model is imported in Marmoset Toolbag for lighting and rendering.

Mesh Propeties:

vertices: 160.908 Edges: 306.815 Faces: 155.056

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