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Tactical RPG - Sound Pack!

Hello Dev!

This musical package was designed for Tactical RPG games, the music that will make your player immersed in battle during gameplay. They were based on famous games of the genre.

Some of them are faster to give the feeling that time is running out, while others are "stronger" for boss battles or epic monsters. I'm sure it will make your player feel on the battlefield.

I made the package thinking about Tactical RPG games but if you have a game of another style that the music suits you can use it without any problems! In general, they are orchestral battle songs, so they can be used for various moments.

Altogether there are 15 songs in this style, 5 victory fanfares, and 5 defeat fanfares, these fanfares can be used when finishing a battle with a monster, leveling up, opening a chest, among many others, the defeat ones can be for moments in which the character dies, loses the battle, runs out of time, or something bad happens.

By investing in this package, you take all that and still encourages me to keep bringing new music to the community at a really cool price!

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