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The Mammoth - UE4

The Mammoth is a high-quality model perfect for several purposes like movies, scientific footage, animated illustrations, cinematic projects and lot more. Trailer: Turntable: Animations overview:

FEATURES FULL BODY GROOM FUR! - realistic strand-based dynamic fur

Features: - realistic PBR up to 4K textures (Color, Normals, Roughness) - custom full body Groom fur

Rigged: Yes Rigged to Epic skeleton: No Animated: Yes Number of Animations: 14 Animation types: in-place Animations list: attackleft, attackright, eating, idle, running, standdown, standtall, standup, trumpet, turnleft, turnleftreverse, turnright, turnright_reverse, walk Number of characters: 1 Vertex counts of characters: 160105 (LOD 0) Tris count of characters: 195754 (LOD 0) Number of LOD's: 5

LOD 0: 195754 triangles
LOD 1: 48938 triangles
LOD 2: 24468 triangles
LOD 3: 11744 triangles
LOD 4: 5872 triangles

Number of Materials and Material Instances: 10 Number of Textures: 10 Texture Resolutions: 1K, 2K, 4K Supported Development Platforms: Windows: Yes Mac: Not checked Tags: Mammoth, Ice Age, Elephant, Mammal, Animal Additional notes: can be easily converted and used also in Unreal Engine 5 EA2.

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