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Custom Human Basemesh Set

Custom Human Basemesh Set (2 Zbrush Files).

Male Custom Basemesh | User Guide

Female Custom Basemesh | User Guide

This set includes both MALE and FEMALE customizable basemeshes.

You can blend between different body types such as Muscular, Overweight or Skinny. The face can be also customized with different ethnicities such as Asian, Black or Caucasian.
This is a high quality realistic 3D model made in Zbrush. It can be used for game asset creation, cinematics, or advertising. You can use this character as is or modify it to your liking. This basemesh can also be used as a mannequin for 3D clothes creation. By default the model opens up as an average body type in the “A” pose with legs apart and arms slightly bent. By switching on/combining different layers you can achieve the look that you desire. Below is the list of different layers included in the model.

Zbrush Layers:

  1. Face – Asian
  2. Face – Black
  3. Face – Caucasian
  4. Body – Muscular
  5. Body – Overweight
  6. Body – Skinny
  7. Pose – Arms Down
  8. Pose – Arms Straight
  9. Pose – Legs Together


  • Highly detailed ZBrush model with 6 subdivisions
  • Highest subdivision polygon count: 18,434,048 (over 18 million)
  • Lowest subdivision polygon count: 18,002
  • Organized Polygroups for easy isolations
  • Clean and efficient edge flow, which makes it easy to insert/delete edge loops where necessary
  • UV’s are laid out and non-intersecting.
  • Both Male and Female share same UV's and vertext count.
  • Model includes eyeballs, teeth/tongue (all UV'ed).
  • Female model has a hairstyle placeholder (decimated, no UV's).
  • It is ready for rigging and smooth-able
  • All objects are named and organized

Package includes:

Source files (2 separate files)

  • Male Basemesh ZBrush 2019 file (.ZTL)
  • Female Basemesh ZBrush 2019 file (.ZTL)

*If you have any questions, please let me know and I will be happy to assist. Thanks for looking!

You will get 2 files

All files previously purchased will always be available for download in your Library

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