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Superhero Basemesh Set

Base mesh set of a male and female with superhero proportions. It serves as a good starting point for creation of heroic body type. Simply modify anatomy to your liking and add the desired accessories. This 3D model set features a 25% off discount.

Each model can also be purchased separately:




  • Efficient and clean topology
  • Unwrapped UV’s (check images in the gallery for your reference)
  • Both Male and Female models share same vert count and same UV layout
  • 5 levels of Subdivision
  • Organized polygroups for easy part isolation
  • Hair placeholder (decimated)
  • Arms Down/Legs Together pose on separate layers
  • Real world scale (male - 6 feet or 182 cm) (female - 5 feet 8 inches or 172 cm)
  • Polygon count – 18002 at lowest subdivision
  • Pre-baked Normal Map Texture can be applied onto low-poly mesh

Package includes:

  • Zbrush model (5 levels)
  • OBJ (level1, level2)
  • FBX (level1, level2)
  • Normal Map Texture (PNG 4096x4096)


high resolution fully textured eyeball model and teeth/tongue set are available here:

*If you have any questions, please let me know and I will be happy to assist. Thanks for looking!

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