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Environment Design 3 - Fantasy/Sci-Fi Environment

Environment Design 3 builds off of that last two videos I created, Environment Design 1 & Environment Design 2.

Starting off with a very loose sketch, I take you through my process of 'finding' my painting, 'Procession', within the chaos with in-depth commentary. By using custom brushes, photography, and textures, along with good composition, perspective(1,2, and 3 point) and lighting, I will show you how you can create a powerful and engaging piece of sci-fi/fantasy art. With a run time of about two hours, this is my longest and most in depth video yet. I pack in an enormous amount of information in a short time, so get your digital painting hats on and get ready to learn like crazy! Brushes, custom shapes, and reference included! ALL work created in Photoshop cs3 using a wacom tablet.

Runtime approximately 2 hours and format is Quicktime video( will work on both Mac & PC)

See a sample of the video here!:

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