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Mad Laboratory models pack for Unity

Before Reading the bellow text I suggest you to see the youtube showreel of this product

Version Support : 2017.3.1f1 Lower or Higher...

Before Reading the bellow text I suggest you to see the youtube showreel of this product :

Version Support : 2017.3.1f1 Lower or Higher versions Now you can purchase game ready unity version for Mad Laboratory Models pack with some extra features in unity as a gift . All the models are Low poly and every model has 2 Level of Detail (LOD) . The LOD0 of each model has quad structure and you can import them in other 3d applications and edit them as you want easily and LOD1 of each model has traingulated structure and lower amount of vertices and polys . Despite of the main 10 models I have put an Extra folder which contains some extra lowpoly and handy models and a substance folder which consists two of my precious procedural material with some useful controlablle parameters for windows fence and brick . The models are based on unity standards in unit, place of pivot, axis and each model has standard prefabs . when you download and unzip your product you will have just a signle unity project file and when you import this asset in your unity scene you will have the following content :

Mesh Folder : your main 3d meshes as fbx . each mesh as two Level of detail so you will have totally 20 fbx files here.

Maps Folder :Your main objects maps some of them are 1024x1024 and some are 2048x2048 and contains AlbedoTransparency, Normal, Opacity, AO, MetallicSmoothness and for some models Emission maps .

Material Folder :Your main objects PBR unity materials .

Prefab Folder : unity standard prefabs from all of your main models with 2 LOD and Colliders assigned to each .

Mad Laboratory_models Pack.unity file : An unity scene that consist of all main 10 models in a straight line

Demo.unity file :A castle room created with all the package content and consist of all the models in the package.

Extra Folder :My gift to you and contains some extra models and materials for your work and consists of :

Mesh Folder : about 10 extra Lowpoly meshes like walls and door and windows, fireplace, chair, Table and etc.

Maps folder : Extra models maps

Material Folder : Extra models PBR materials

Prefabs Folder : Extra Models Standard prefabs with colliders

Procedural_Materials Folder:consist of 2 of my precious procedural materials that are created in substance designer for Brick and windows Fence . And 3 PDF files from models catalogue and support mail to objects maual The polygon and Vertices number in the inforamtion of this product is the Average Polygon and Vertices For total of LOD1 and LOD0 of all the models


You will get 1 file

All files previously purchased will always be available for download in your Library

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