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Furniture Set Vol. 2

In this furniture set, we see 5 models of chairs and sofas. These objects are highpoly and made of different materials such as leather, cloth and velvet. To get more information about each of the models, please enter the links related to each object.

Materials for both Corona and Vray rendering engines Available for all objects below

1.arm chair _Vittoria Frigerio polys:712 540 verts:358 829

Format : 3dsmax(2013) , OBJ

2.BAXTER MARILYN polys:990 792 verts:498 258

Format : 3dsmax(2013) , OBJ

3.EGG CHAIR polys: 918 264 verts: 463 112

Format : 3dsmax(2013) , OBJ

4.SOFT CHAIR polys:280 720 verts:140 370

Format : 3dsmax(2013) , OBJ

5.DINO ARMCHAIR Polys: 57 152 Verts: 28 580

Format : 3dsmax(2017) , OBJ

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