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Tactical Vest

Game-Ready PBR low-poly model of tactical vest All materials and textures are included. The textures of the model are applied with UV Unwrap. Normal map was baked from a high poly model. Including 3dsmax and Blender, OBJ and FBX, Unity and UnrealEngine files.

5364 polygons 10308 triangles 5627 vertices


equipmentAO.tga, equipmentBaseColor.tga, equipmentCulvature.tga, equipmentDiffuse.tga, equipmentGlossiness.tga, equipmentMetallic.tga, equipmentNormal.tga, equipmentSpecular.tga, equipment_Roughness.tga (4096x4096)

vestNormal.tga, vestSpecular.tga, vestMetallic.tga, vestAO.tga, vestDiffuseDesert.tga, vestDiffuseBlack.tga, vestDiffuseCamo01.tga, vestDiffuseCamo.tga, vestCulvature.tga, vestGlossiness.tga, vestRoughness.tga, vestDiffuseGreen.tga (4096x4096)

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