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Tactical Vest

Game-Ready PBR low-poly model of tactical vest All materials and textures are included. The textures of the model are applied with UV Unwrap. Normal map was baked from a high poly model. Including 3dsmax and Blender, OBJ and FBX, Unity and UnrealEngine files.

8830 polygons 13932 triangles 7071 vertices


vestNormal.tga, vestSpecular.tga, vestMetallic.tga, vestAO.tga, vestBaseColorBlack.tga, vestBaseColorCamo01.tga, vestBaseColorCamo02.tga, vestBaseColorGreen.tga, vestBaseColorSand.tga, vestCulvature.tga, vestGlossiness.tga, vestRoughness.tga, vestDiffuseBlack.tga, vestDiffuseCamo01.tga, vestDiffuseCamo02.tga, vestDiffuseGreen.tga, vestDiffuse_Sand.tga (4096x4096)

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