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WW2 US Soldier

Low-poly model.

Rigged on 3dsmax CAT using Skin. Rendered in Marmoset Toolbag.

All materials and textures are included. The textures of the model are applied with UV Unwrap.

Units used: cm, model is 202cm tall.

Normal map was baked from a high poly model

Including OBJ, FBX and MAX formats

21743 polygons 38187 triangles 22195 vertices


bodyDiffuse.tga (4096x4096) bodySpecular.tga (4096x4096) bodyGloss.tga (4096x4096) bodyNormal.tga (4096x4096)

bootDiffuse.tga (4096x4096) bootSpecular.tga (4096x4096) bootGloss.tga (4096x4096) bootBaseColor.tga (4096x4096) bootRoughness.tga (4096x4096) bootMetallic.tga (4096x4096) boot_Normal.tga (4096x4096)

equipmentDiffuse.tga (4096x4096) equipmentSpecular.tga (4096x4096) equipmentGloss.tga (4096x4096) equipmentBaseColor.tga (4096x4096) equipmentRoughness.tga (4096x4096) equipmentMetallic.tga (4096x4096) equipment_Normal.tga (4096x4096)

helmetDiffuse.tga (4096x4096) helmetSpecular.tga (4096x4096) helmetGloss.tga (4096x4096) helmetBaseColor.tga (4096x4096) helmetRoughness.tga (4096x4096) helmetMetallic.tga (4096x4096) helmet_Normal.tga (4096x4096)

jacketDiffuse.tga (4096x4096) jacketSpecular.tga (4096x4096) jacketGloss.tga (4096x4096) jacketBaseColor.tga (4096x4096) jacketRoughness.tga (4096x4096) jacketMetallic.tga (4096x4096) jacket_Normal.tga (4096x4096)

pantDiffuse.tga (4096x4096) pantSpecular.tga (4096x4096) pantGloss.tga (4096x4096) pantBaseColor.tga (4096x4096) pantRoughness.tga (4096x4096) pantMetallic.tga (4096x4096) pant_Normal.tga (4096x4096)

hairDiffuse.tga (2048x2048) hairOpacity.tga (2048x2048)

skinnormal.tga (2048x2048) fabricsnormal (128x128)

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