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Modular Ancient Greek Ruins

Modular Ancient Greek Ruins asset pack.

See an example of this in use:

44 assets built on the grid to seamlessly snap, allowing you to create an environment quickly.

Can be used in any game engine, only an Unreal template is provided with blueprints and materials already setup and ready to go. Unreal version 4.22.0 and above.

Assets provided:

  • Unreal package: Export directly into the Content folders to maintain dependency links. Folders: Maps, Geometry, Textures and Materials.

  • FBX / OBJ.

  • 3ds Max file with selections sets for each uv unwrap group (units setup is in metres to match Unity's grid. Change when exporting to match other software).

  • Textures: Individual 4K texture files.

To use assets outside of Unreal please use the FBX file provided and the 'Textures' folder inside the zip.

Asset layout map is included, example map for demonstration only.

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