60 HardSurface Alpha (4K) Vol 7

Whenever you need to create a Hard surface model, there are a lot of small details that there is no point in creating these stuff. So you need a bag, full of small and medium details that can increase your speed and help you to create a better and amazing hardsurface model. In this pack, there are 60 hardsurface alpha in different categories to help you meet your needs in this area.

After purchasing this product you have:

  • 60 HardSurface Alpha in PNG 16bit format (4K)

  • 60 HardSurface Alpha in TIFF 16bit format (4K)

  • 60 HardSurface Alpha in PSD 16bit format (4K)

  • 60 Previews in JPG format

Please watch this video to learn more about this product:

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