Patterned Fabric Materials + 45 Textures Vol 3

Here is a Patterned Fabric Material made in Substance Designer (version 11.3.1).

With this Base-Material you can make Hundreds of different Patterned Fabric Materials. Also, there is a set of 48 Textures (45 Basecolor Textures + 3 Normal / AO / Height) that you can use in different softwares and save more time.

If you want to download the alphas used in this product, use this link:

This pack includes these items: - 1 Base-Material in Sbsar format for Substance Painter (or any software supports sbsar format) - 45 Basecolor Textures in PNG 24bit format (4K) - 1 Fabric Textures, Normal / AO / Height in PNG 16bit format (4K) All Textures are Tileable and Seamless.

Please watch this video to learn more about this product:

What can be Customized: - Color of each Section - Opacity - Pattern Selection (27 Patterns) - Patterns' Amount - Blur Intensity - Scale - Rotation - .....etc

How to Install: Just drag and drop on the Substance Painter shelf.

How to Use: Drag and drop material on your layer window or on your object. Tweak sliders and option as you want according to your needs.

**Notes: - 3D models are not included. - There are 2 .rar files for download: Download "AHSFabricMaterialV3" for Base-Material Download "AHSFabricMaterialV3(Textures)" for Textures

Please rate and review this Product! It could be very helpful for me, and I appreciate that! Hope you download it and enjoy.

Release Notes: - Normal fixed - Normal Format Selection added

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