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Dime Keychain

File: Dime.stl Name: Dime Keychain PLA Material: 8.66 grams ( 0.019 lbs) Infill = 15% Size: 50.97 mm (2.01") x 50.97 mm (2.01") x 4.45 mm (0.175") Resolution: 0.20mm Layers: 28 layers Rafts: Yes Supports: No Print Time: 0 hr 40 min Function: This is a 2" diameter Dime shaped keychain, if printed 1:1 but of course you can scale this up or down as much as you wish! The number of reeds is not accurate (little serrations around the edge) and there's stuff missing from the face (there's absolutely nothing on the back side). It's nice to have a big dime piece ready when you need it!

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