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bipRig: Biped Rigging Tool

With this tool you will be able to quickly generate a biped rig, in minutes rather than weeks. In a few simple stages you can have a rig suitable to be used in with Unreal Engine or Unity, complete with a fully featured facial rig, face poses and advanced features like squash and stretch and soft IK.

Quick Rig Generation

Create a fully featured rig in three simple steps.
  • Position the base locators which will dictate the base joint positions and add any extra joints needed.
  • Generate the base skeleton.
  • Generate the rig.

The Rig Features

  • A biped rig with either an Unreal or Unity based skeleton.
  • Either a full or partial facial rig.
  • Key face and hand poses to speed up animation.
  • The ability to define and save your own joint positions, face and hand poses to use on future rigs.
  • Full squash and stretch.
  • Soft IK, (anti knee and elbow pop).
  • Roll and twist joints.
  • Add extra joints to the base skeleton for use with clothing, hair or other accessories.

See The Tool In Action

Please note that the tool will only work with Maya 2020 and newer releases.

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