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Biped Rigging - Course Assets

Welcome to my Rigging in Maya series.

Here you will find the assets which will allow you to follow my YouTube series, (Videos 1 to 17) and build your own rigs, in both Maya 2019 and 2017 formats.

The plan with this series is to take things back to basics as I go through each element separately, so you get a clearer understanding of the whole rigging process. Once the fundamentals have been covered, I will then move on to more advanced systems so by the end you will have all the tools you need to build your own complex rigs.

Now includes all the scripts used in the videos!

  • Blendshape Rigging Tool
  • IK <> FK Matching Tool
  • Mirror Rig Tool
  • Quick Limb Tool
  • Joint Arc Tool

Find all the videos below + Rigging In Maya Series

The seventeen videos cover -

  • Joint Fundamentals
  • Connections & Constraints
  • Control Creation
  • Set Driven Keys & Utility Nodes
  • IK & FK Limb Creation
  • Hand Rigging
  • Reverse Foot Rig
  • Spine, Head & Eye Rigging
  • Painting Skin Weights
  • Roll & Twist Joints
  • Squash & Stretch
  • Joint Based Facial Rig
  • Blendshape Based Facial Rig
  • Space Swapping
  • Global Controls - Character Scale etc.

Note: As these assets are intended for educational purposes only, the texture resolution has been reduced and a watermark added.

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