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Dice d8 game ready PBR

Roll the dice traveler, try your luck. Before you the historically correct numbering of the faces. Octahedron - Each face is triangular and the die resembles two square pyramids attached base-to-base. Usually, the sum of the opposite faces is 9.

These wonderful bones are only 44 polygons. Use them or ask me for other models, after all, I can agree) Game Ready model with excellent detail. 5 textures in a box One of the models of the set

Included mesh: Lowpoly Highpoly

2k resolution textures include: Albedo Height AO Metallic Normal Roughness

Included files: Dice d8.stl (printable) Dice d8.blend Dice d8.fbx Dice d8.obj Dice d8.mtl

Polygons - 44 Vertices - 24 If you have any personal wishes about the model, you can contact me by: e-mail: [email protected] Instagram: @lerrmar You can also leave your wishes in the comments.

P.S. Thank you for buying my models.

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