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SwwimmingPool Child Female ACC0203003

CHILD FEMALE HIGH POLY MODEL Age between 02-03 years.

SwwimmingPool Child Female ACC0203003


  • Child female model with cap, swimsuit and other objects(Depends of the model). Female model for a swimmingpool or other places to swim.
  • Best for your pool scenes.
  • Model of a baby with cap, swimsuit and more.
  • Interior or exterior Model with clothes and objects (glasses, cap, rings, shoes...etc).
  • Not for 3d printing.



Choose your options:

- Change colors of the parts of the model.
- Polygroup mesh with different shaders and textures.
- Erase polygons and insert your own objects.
  (handclok, movil, hats, etc...).
- Insert companies logos on cloth textures.

8K skin textures!

Number of meshes:

  • 1 Low Poly Mesh Model.

High quality on other textures!

Polymesh with different materials and shaders on one mesh!

Change materials, colors, and textures for creating another model more adapted on your enviroment.

Scaled as a real scene.

Bettween 30000 - 150000 Polygons

Documentation (history)

The word pool comes from the Latin pisces "fish" and was originally used to designate wells for fresh or salt water fish. It was also used to designate the water tanks connected to the aqueducts. The first Christians used the word pool to designate the baptismal font. Indeed, before the invention of treatment plants, in swimming pools, bathing or decorative, outdoors, fish were used to clean the water, since they ate the larvae of insects, and that's where the name comes from.

On Blender

Render it with GPU or CPU Blender 2.9 or later version. Variety of Shaders

Other softwares:

Import model to your favorite software.


Standard materials are used and sss for skin Tileable maps. Use your own maps if you prefer. Adjustable mesh with UV. Variety of maps. More textures for your clothes. Copy Textures on your work´s folder and import model to your scene. Apply materials and shaders as you wish.

Original format:

Blender 2.9 Modeled on Zbrush for High Resolution. Marvelous Designer for clothes.

Other formats



  • Architectural Visualisation: Decorations, Exterior scenes
  • Ilustrations: Books, magazines,...
  • Personal works.
  • VR: Interactive object viewer,...

Textures format:

TIF (Compression LZW) JPG low Compression PNG low compression

Size: Body 8192x8192 (diffuse, normal and displacement)

Ready to render in Blender. All materials and textures are included. Copy scene and textures on your work´s folder and append model on your scene, and voila! Scale as a real scene. Use low maps for big enviroments. Less memory usage and best results!

Hope you like it! Take a look at all the collection, just click on my user name to see complete gallery.

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Thanks! Jaol

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