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Easy Materials ZBrush Plugin

Easy Materials is a plugin for ZBrush that adds 5 custom palettes for storing your favorite materials and matcaps always at hand, and the default ZBrush ones, so restoring them is easier. With it, you can work in a more comfortable and fast way, make variations to materials more safely without losing the original, and save time.

REQUIREMENTS: Windows 10, 64 bits. ZBrush 2021.6 and above. Mac not supported.


5 Favorite Material Palettes that store any number of materials and matcaps with their thumbnails. The palettes are organized in easy to browse tabs. One Defaults Materials Palette that stores the startup materials of ZBrush, so you can recover them without having to restart ZBrush. This speeds up your work when using them as a base of your customized materials and matcaps. Keep your favorite materials and matcaps in the palettes so you can have them apart from LightBox, without having to browse through all your collections. Name the 5 tabs as you wish, and the name and contents are stored. Copy materials to another Easy Materials palette, delete them, bring them from ZBrush, and apply them to ZBrush subtools all from Easy Materials. Shortcuts for the Double, Tri and Quad shaders, which are the base of many material mixing. Quick shortcut for saving material. Continuous Apply switch for changing material or matcap as you select another one, continuously. Previous and Next button, which work great with the Continuous Apply button for cycling between the mats in your material palette. Collapsible interface so it doesn't clutter your screen. Always on top button so it can behave normally or be always above all other windows. Tutorial in PDF for using Easy Materials. Video Tutorial file from our channel, included for your future reference. A must have for working faster and safely with materials and matcaps!

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