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Hair Brush - Unwrapped

This is an Zbrush curve brush with UV mapping that allows for quick and easy creation of stylised hair.

Note - You must have UV's on the current subtool for this to work. It can just be a quick planar map. Tool - UV Map - Create - Uvp

The brush contains unwrapped versions of

x8 stylised hair

x3 braid

x1 tube - CurveTube

x2 square - CurveSnapStrap

x1 plane - For game hair

Tip - Try reducing the zdepth and increasing the size for flatter wider strokes

*Update - HairBrushUnwrappedolderversionfix

The fbx contains the subtools for the brushes, as well as pdf instructions on how to make them into an IMM curve brush. Use this if you haven't updated to the latest version (4r7p3) as zbrush doesn't allow backwards compatibility. Not sure why, but might have to do with the UV's.

*Update - Added a Multi Curve version of the brush. The allows for multiple curves to be drawn out while still retaining an active editable curve -

You will get 1 file

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