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Inking and line art on Procreate have never been so addictive!

What's the best kept secret for digital comic artists? How they create beautiful, clean, yet expressive smooth lines? For many digital beginners it's hard to achieve what they already master on traditional media. "What is the missing link?", you may ask. Short answer: amazing, well designed digital brushes. And that's why ArtyStack brings to you the Line Art Brush Set Bundle for Procreate!

  • 16 outstanding brushes for digital inking and line art. From classic Solid Monoline (just like Matt Groening style) to textured Wash Shader (for advanced shading and rendering).
  • All brushes are ready for Procreate 5's brush engine.
  • Super handy performance: Pressure and tilt sensitivity, and Streamline calibration for clean, organic brushstrokes.
  • Reset brush button enabled to revert brush settings anytime.
  • Super-Realistic appereance on traditional-based brushes like Ballpoint Pen, Dry Brush or Sumi-E Brush.
  • Great brushes, great pairings! Combine some of them and create amazing inking styles!
  • Useful for comic books, manga, comic strips, realistic art, alternative illustrations, and even graphic design. The sky is the limit.

UPDATE: Version 2.0 Available

  • We are taking advantage to the new Procreate 5X Brush Studio parameters. Line Art Bundle 2.0 brings to you some little enhancements to emulation and performance of wet-based brushes (Wet Loose Line, Sumi-E and Wash Shader), so you get a better experience with brush and smudge tools.

This Bundle Contains:

  • One Brush Set with 16 High-Resolution Line Art Brushes: Solid Monoline, Solid Dynamic, Soft Line, Loose Line, Wet Loose Line, Dirty Loose Line, Ballpoint Pen, Old Brush Pen, Dry Brush, Chisel Line, Summy-E Brush, Jaggy, Messy, Random Comb, Multiline and Wash Shader.
  • User Guide (PDF).
  • Buy once, and get available updates forever!

We are working on coming brushes, templates, tutorials and more creative stuff. Let us know what else would you like to find out on the ArtyStack Store.

You will get 2 files

All files previously purchased will always be available for download in your Library

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