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Treasure Chest Loot Box FX

How to install:

  1. Start new or use already exist Universal Render Pipeline project.
  2. Download Bolt:
  3. Download Treasure Chest package.
  4. Go to Window > Package Manager > My Assets > Import Bolt package.
  5. Go to Project panel and run Bolt*_Net3 or Bolt***_Net4 to install Bolt at Assets > Install Bolt.
  6. Go to Window > Package Manager > Unity Registry > Install Alembic.
  7. Go to Window > Package Manager > My Assets > Import Treasure Chest package.
  8. Go to Project panel and run scene01 at Assets > Treasurechest > Scenes.

Very interesting technologies like Unity Bolt visual scripting, Unity Shader Graph, and Alembic animations are fun and easy. This package is a simple example of how to use these coolest technologies in your games. In this package you will have a simple loot box system with a low poly mesh of treasure chest with open and idle animations, opening explosion fx, and crystals glowing, with custom shaders, scripts to start idle animation on mouseover and mouse click to open loot box.

- perfect for high definition games.

- Idle and Open animations of Treasure Chest.

- Bolt State Macro of on mouse actions like mouseover to start Idle animation and mouse click to Open animation.

- low poly meshes of Treasure Chest, Crystals, and Floor.

- ready to use prefabs.

- 3 custom shaders for different effects.

- stylized PBR textures.

- customizable visual effects of the open explosion and crystals glowing.

- bonus: tileable floor material of wood planks.

For Unity 3D Game Engine.

You will get 1 file

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