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Dioramas - 15 modular environment kits

OBJs are provided for other software like Blender, Maya, 3ds Max, 3D Printing etc.

IF YOU ARE USING AN OLDER VERSION THAN ZBRUSH 2023 - DO THE FOLLOWING: Zplugins menu - Subtoolmaster - MultiAppend - select all the OBJs in whichever folder you downloaded them to, and import all at once. Save your zbrush ZTL file. Sorted! For the InsertMesh brush - in a clean Zbrush scene, do the same as above, and after the spare parts OBJs have been imported, rotate the camera to look at everything straight from above, then Brush - Create - Create InsertMultiMesh. Save it anywhere you like.

These are un-textured (though they are polypainted in grayscale) high poly sculpts. All have been decimated as much as possible without sacrificing detail.


Quickly add on to or create dioramas and bases with these 15 modular sets. I often find myself needing a quick base to pose my characters and creatures on, so I went overboard and made this pack. From small intimate settings to grander sets fit for dragons, everyone will benefit from having these in their toolkit. On top of that, an insert mesh of nearly 100 spare parts is included for quick access to further modify these sets or start from scratch.

(see this YouTube video for an in-depth demonstration to see exactly what is in this pack: )

15 Main modular sets 112 parts across these 15 sets 87 spare parts in an insert mesh brush (harvested from the main sets for ease of access) Zbrush Master Tool file Zbrush Insert Mesh (IMM) brush OBJs : All parts in OBJ form for other software like Blender, labelled clearly, with a visual PNG guide (I have recently added an extra zip file, "DIORAMASMAINOBJMissingParts", containing D2Base, D3Base, and D6Tentacles that were absent from the original OBJ upload) Visual chart/guides for the main sets as well as the extra parts

MAC users - sometimes the default unzip utility has issues with large zip files. Simply use Unarchiver instead: to unzip.

Higher res art here : Here is a video demonstrating it:

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