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iNSEKt - 150+ Insectoid parts

Make sure to use Zbrush 2022.0.2 or later. OBJs are provided for other software like Blender, Maya, 3ds Max etc


Join me in this new universe of creature & character creation – here we rapidly dream up highly detailed monstrous insectoid beasts. I have made 17 Creature Feature packs prior to this, each exploring a relatively broad, yet similar in “class”, parts. Like ARMS, or WINGS. This new frontier of mega-packs will each explore a specific aesthetic or idea, in this case insects, crustaceans and spiders, albeit mostly in fantastical form. The difference from the Creature Feature series is that these mega-packs, if you will, are self-contained and much larger. Heads, bodies, limbs, wings and arms all in one giant kitbash pack. That said, nothing is stopping you from combining these with Creature Feature packs or your own content. Welcome to the first Creature World set.

142 main unique parts, (277 total parts if you include alternate poses, variations, and examples) - 41 heads (+20 variants) - 30 bodies (+5 variants) - 30 arms (+24 variants/alternate poses. For example, Arm002A is a main part, Arm002B would be a variation; arm005A is a main part, arm005B C & D are alternate poses) -30 legs (+31 variants/alternate poses) - 11 wings (+3 variants) - 30 miscellaneous parts (small bits harvested mainly from the heads, like mandibles and antennas) This totals around 255 parts overall, with around 20 examples on top of that. _example parts are usually combined arms or legs in a specific configuration, as shown in the visual charts in the PDF guide.

  • Zbrush MASTER Subtool file housing all 277 parts, organised
  • 7 Zbrush Insert Mesh (IMM) brushes - Arms, Bodies, Heads, Legs, Legs Mirrored, Wings, Miscellaneous Parts
  • OBJs in organised folders for all parts
  • PDF booklet/guide with picture charts of all parts

These are un-textured high poly sculpts. All have been decimated as much as possible without sacrificing detail. Please note the example creatures are not assembled - but all parts in all pictures are in this pack, for you to make whatever you like.

Higher res art here :

Here is a video demonstrating it:

Follow me here:




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