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Pencil Brushes for Sketching

This a collection of more than 70 brushes for Photoshop, for natural sketching and drawing with pencils.

Brushes have been created to simulate the effect of pencils on paper. There are 4 groups of brushes, and they have been created to work with high resolution images and give a natural feel.

  1. The first group, "Line Art", is the equivalent to traditional and mechanical pencils. The brushes come in soft, medium, and hard pencils; and a few variations using different kind of papers or textures. Some brushes comes with a "High DPI" label, they are intended to be used with a Hi-Res canvas but they work great with lower size aswell.
  2. "Scratch" group, with high dpi pencils used for scratching in concepts.
  3. "Soft Sketch" group, with a collection of soft and watered pencils. Ideal for quick sketching and tracing with an inking brush.
  4. "Charcoal". The typical pencils we use for charcoal, simulating a real effect. Soft, medium and hard pencils plus variations and different sizes.

Notes: - If you need a harder o softer pencil, use the "flow" option in Photoshop. - If you need pen tablet correction, activate the "smoothing" option in Brush Settings (F5 Key) and choose your desired value. - Beware that bigger sizes with charcoal brushes might not work as desired. Use the default sizes or resize down the brushes.

Additional note: The most used apps such as Clip Studio Paint or Procreate have "compability" with Photoshop's .abr format. I must point out that, brushes can be imported, but they will not work as in Photohop and most of them will be broken due to the different brush engine used in each app.

Have fun drawing!

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