5 Sale Boosting Tools for Your Cubebrush Store

5 Sale Boosting Tools for Your Cubebrush Store

What's better than making extra income from your digital assets and resources?

After deciding to sell through Cubebrush, we make the process as seamless as possible. Within minutes your store is up and running. The main thing to remember is that awareness is important - getting in front of other artists in need of your product is key. Here are five tools that can help potential customers find your store.

1. Freebies

Driving awareness to your products should be the first thing on the 'to do' list. A great way to get started is utilizing our freebie feature. Each week we send a mass e-mail to subscribers offering that week's free products. In the last 30 days 60% of the top trafficked store offered a freebie.

To submit your product, simply mouse-over any of them, click "Submit as freebie" and you're done.

They will remain up for consideration as long as you don't click "Remove from freebie" button. If selected the product price will automatically be changed to free for 7 days.

2. Discounts

Like any marketplace, sales get people's attention so we make the process of offering discounts as easy as possible.

When you're ready to create a discount go to the Coupons and Sales tab...

Fill out the information to your preferences and you're done.

Make sure to utilize our discount notifications by checking the items you'd like included in the e-mail.

You can even personalize it and preview the e-mail before sending to your followers.

3. Social Media

A great FREE way to gain awareness of your store is social media. We encourage sellers to use our following to their advantage. Find our pages here-




Advertise your product and tag us! We love to re-tweet and share products we see on social.

4. Forums

Participating in the community forums is a great way to connect with other artists. Whether you've created a blog to showcase your work or are giving feedback to new artists working to grow their skill.

Our forum banner always features art found on the forums and is also shared on our social sites. Make sure to tag your work with your social handles and we'll be sure to tag you when we post!

5. Descriptions/Product Trailers

There is a reason why 80% of the top 50 Cubebrush sellers offer detailed descriptions of their product and 82% offer product trailers. Anytime you're asking someone to spend their hard earned cash on your assets they're going to want to know exactly what they're getting. We make it easy. Just use our enhanced product description capabilities that allow you to bold and italicize text as well as use bullet points.

Product Trailers are often :30 to 1:30 long and give a brief overview of the tutorial or asset. Recent studies show that people are 4 times more likely to watch a video about a product than to read about it. Creating a trailer is well worth the effort. Often Cubebrush will take the video and share it on social to help market your inventory.

This PBR Game Asset Tutorial features a great product description as well as a detailed trailer which has landed it in one of the top selling spots at Cubebrush.

We, at Cubebrush, want you to succeed! We'll do anything we can to help promote your products. Have questions about marketing your store? E-mail us! We're here to help!