How to Price Digital Art Prints Online and at Cons

How to Price Digital Art Prints Online and at Cons

Navigating how to price digital art prints is like sailing through unexplored waters: full of potential rewards but overflowing with challenges. Whether you’re casting your net into the vast sea of online markets or stepping ashore at a bustling convention, finding the right price for your prints ensures steady sales and fair profits.

Pricing your art well requires much more than slapping on a number and hoping for the best. It’s a balancing act between the value of your work and the currents of the market. With so many other artists setting their sights on conventions and online platforms, you need to find a way to stand out enough so buyers will not only see you but also buy your work.

We’re here to guide you through the complexities of pricing digital prints. To make profitable decisions, you need to understand the dynamics of the digital landscape, the fundamentals of pricing, and the unique environment of convention art sales. 

Understanding the Art Market Online

Regardless of which platform you choose to sell your art, the internet is one big art store. Your potential customers can take their business wherever they please, so remember that you’re not competing only with other artists on the same site. You’re fighting for visibility with everyone selling prints online. Regularly analyzing digital art platforms—as many as are relevant to your work—can help you gauge trends and areas that might be oversaturated. 

For online art shoppers, convenience is king, and selling your prints as digital downloads can satisfy their need for instant ownership. Customers can take a file copy of your art to any printer they wish, although the final quality is out of your hands. However, you can easily offer digital and print versions, with the print editions merely adding the at-cost materials fee. 

Your social media presence, subject matter, and even your unique background can all impact how well your art sells online. We’ve previously covered topics like what to charge for digital art commissions and marketing yourself as an artist, and much of the same advice applies to how to price digital art prints. Find your niche, harness your unique selling position (USP), and engage with your audience. Diversifying your offerings with tutorials or guides on a platform like Cubebrush can draw more attention to your prints, especially from customers searching for your other work.

Fundamentals of Pricing

Print pricing combines three variables: the intrinsic value of your art, the market’s perception of your art’s value, and the cost of its creation. Don’t consider just the tangible materials, like the cost of printing or the software you used. Think about the hours of practice, the unique techniques you’ve mastered, and the personal inspiration behind each piece.

While it’s tempting to look at competitors and price your prints similarly, remember that the value of art is subjective. What one customer will pay handsomely for, another may not. Instead of mimicking market rates, recognize what sets your art apart, even within a specific topic or space. Is it the juxtaposition of traditional and contemporary techniques? Perhaps it’s the emotional depth or how you’ve captured a beloved setting. 

Capitalize on trending subjects or genres while giving each piece your flair, and you’ll quickly find that your prints can sell at a higher premium. Most importantly, always be willing to hear feedback and adjust. The digital art market is dynamic, and staying tuned into its shifts, ebbs, and flows will ensure you can stay ahead of trends before they dwindle. 

Selling at Conventions: A Unique Arena for Artists

Conventions or “cons” present a vibrant blend of art, culture, and commerce. From Comic-Con to Anime Expo, conventions allow artists to step out from behind their screens and interact directly with an audience. But selling at a convention requires much more than setting up a booth and displaying your work; it’s a calculated endeavor that takes preparation and a deep understanding of the convention-going crowd. 

The atmosphere at a convention is different from the online marketplace. First impressions are vital. Your booth’s presentation can dramatically influence sales, so take the time to design it well and perfect the layout. Think of your booth as your brand's “first contact” point. It should capture the attention of passersby and draw them in, encouraging them to explore your work. 

Diversity in product offerings can enhance the sales of your prints, too. While large, room-defining pieces can draw the gaze of potential customers, smaller merchandise provides fodder for browsing (and options for conservative budgets). While you might have a set price online, the direct interaction at a convention provides some flexibility. 

To increase sales, you can offer bundle deals, discounts on big purchases, or even limited-time offers at a specific convention. However, it’s crucial to strike a balance—don’t diminish your brand’s perceived value just because you’re eager to make a sale. Knowing how and when to alter your price is as essential as setting its starting point.

Mastering Digital Print Sales

Pricing isn’t just a number in the world of digital art. It’s a reflection of your journey, your effort, and the passion you bring to your audience. As artists, we pour our hearts into our creations, so it’s only fitting that the price connects with its actual value. 

A well-informed pricing strategy goes beyond numbers. It’s about understanding the market, recognizing your value, and continuously adapting to new trends. As an artist, you’re a perpetual learner who always looks for ways to refine your craft. This same flexibility and growth should apply to our business acumen, too. In that spirit, Cubebrush offers an extensive, artist-first marketplace for sharing knowledge, tools, and assets. Cubebrush is a space where you can connect, learn, share, and grow while mastering the disciplines of business and art alike. So, as you unravel how to price digital art prints, know you’re not alone.

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