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Aztec Alphas: Volume 7

Aztec Alphas: Volume 7! 156 Aztec Designs and Shapes, Alpha Brushes for use with Zbrush, Substance Painter, Quixel DDO, 3D Coat, etc.. Ready for your Game Development or personal projects!

Amazing package of over 156 Designs and Patterns Alphas inspired by Ancient Mexico's architecture, art and designs! This great alphas can be used to create historic props, ancient temples or tribal warrior weapons. Essential alphas, ready to use, for your game development or personal projects!


-156 Unique Alphas & Height Maps! -PSD, TIFF & JPEG Formats! -156 Zbrush Alpha Brushes! -2048 x 2048 Resolution! -Mix & Match to create your own unique creations! Purchase Today!

: Mexica, Aztec, Mayan, Tribal, Native American, Mexico, Mexican, Olmec, Mesoamerica, Pre-Columbian, Pre-Hispanic :

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