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Yalambar First king of Nepal

Yalambar, First king of Nepal. He participated in Mahabharata war alongwith Kaurvas(As he wanted to fight for loosing side) . Seeing his immense power and unity among kiratas , Krishna diplomatically killed him, after his martyrdom he was given the status of a god , Akash Vairav.

Limited edition. This product is designed for CNC machining. This model can be applied to any program CNC like Artcam and Aspire. You will receive model in *.Zip format, which opens and unzip with program WINRAR. After unzipping you will have model 3d model in *.stl formats, *.Ztl formats. One Mesh model. No Parts. PRINTABLE MODEL! Suitable for creations of Physical Form via 3d printing, CNC carving. Product includes digital 3D model only. OBJ, STL and ZTL files available. (you can scale it).

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