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Are you curious how a simple sketch ends up as a full on game art asset? Well.. here's the answer! I've created a 13 chapter voice narrated videos that explains step by step on how to start as a concept sketch, then to sculpting, to retop, to unwrapping, to texturing, and to final video game asset. The journey is long, but I will cover all the necessary skillset to help you become a well versatile 2D/3D artist.

You can find the tutorials here!

Here is the breakdown: Chapter 1: Concept sketch using Procreate Chapter 2: Concept Sculpt using Zbrush Chapter 3. Sculpt Refinement with Zmodeler Chapter 4: Sculpt Refinement with Zmodeler (cont.) Chapter 5: Sculpt Detailing in Zbrush Chapter 6: Sculpt Detailing in Zbrush (cont.) Chapter 7: Sculpt Detail in Zbrush (cont.) Chapter 8: Retopologize using Zbrush, Blender or 3D-Coat Chapter 9: Unwrap using 3D Studio Max Chapter 10: Cage Creation and Baking Preparation Chapter 11: Baking in Substance Painter Chapter 12: Substance Painter Chapter 13: Final Touchup Bonus Chapter: Modeling Platform in Blender

*** I've also included the lower poly model, the textures, Substance Painter file, and all the list of alphas and kitbash materials you can download from***

If you have any questions or concern, please don't hesitate to ask me.

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