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37 scanned cloth alphas for digital sculpting

37 Alphas about fabric wrinkles for digital sculpting, ready to be imported into your beloved sculpting and texturing softwares such as Zbrush, Blender, Substance Painter, 3d Coat, Cinema 4D, mudbox...

/!\ Special offer here for 2 megapacks : 37 alphas wrinkled fabric + 96 alphas wrinkled kraft paper /!\

How it's made : Real fabrics + professionnal handheld 3D scanner (0,05mm accuracy) + baking in Blender + postprod in Gimp + love

What's inside ? The 3 "Wrinkled fabric sessions" that i made before and available on Gumroad Available in 1k and 2k (except clothing pleats only in 2k), all alphas are 16 bits.

How it works : Import alpha as brush texture, or stencil, or stamps. Tweak your sensitivity, pressure and hardness to your convenience. Be sure model is subdivided to apply details with sculpting.

Tips : • Dont forget that you can also use these alphas in substract mode to have interesting effects ! Double fun. • Depending of the software you use for sculpting, i advise you to play with falloff curves and sensitivity to obtain the desired effect. • You can also tweak the stroke method, jitter, random rotation to easily add details.

*Licence : * no specific licence, if you buy it, use it as you want. If you like my work, if my work helped you, give me credits and give links to people ! If you use it in a studio, try to be fair and buy it multiple times if you can !

Thank you very much, have fun !

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