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STOCK LIMITED Crazy Promo -50% 15$ INSTEAD OF 30$

This is a realistic procedural cliff generator for Blender 3D. Get a very detailed cliff...

STOCK LIMITED Crazy Promo -50% !!!! 15$ INSTEAD OF 30$

This is a realistic procedural cliff generator for Blender 3D. Get a very detailed cliff within a few clicks. It has a load of features. One of the most frequently asked question in the Blender 3d user community is "how to make a 3D cliff easily". This tool is one of the many possible answers to this question.

  • Photorealistic
  • Very detailed for close up shots
  • No script just a blend file
  • Procedural Mesh
  • Resolution variable mesh
  • Procedural Material with weathering ( snow, moss, wet, dirt, etc)
  • Ground color blending option
  • Cost-effective. Millions of cliffs for less than 30 $

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To avoid confusions, before buying please read the description, notices and FAQ. Again please read the NOTICES :) to avoid unnecessary issues, this tool is not recommended for Blender beginners. It's also strongly recommended to read the step by step guide when you use it for the first time.Also do no hesitate to contact us if you have any question before purchasing


! Not suitable for game engines although it has been created exclusively for the Blender 3D software, I would like to point out for those who may try to export them for other software that the cliffs generated by this tool are not usable for game engines without going through remeshing, UV unwraps, and baking operations. Also due to the complexity of the materials baking operation are prone to fail. The generated cliff faces can be very beautiful but its backside can be a bit messy depending on how hard you push the resolution. Not always but it can happen. Also, the material is specifically designed for the procedural mesh to obtain the photorealistic result, the mesh itself may be a bit flat if used with another material.

! Realistic Cliff is not a rock shader. This means that you willl not be able to apply the cliff material to a rock mesh.

! PC performance required! This tool was created to obtain renderings with a lot of details. While it has been mentioned above that this tool has been optimized to save your PC's resources, it requires a certain capacity to operate properly. Thus its use and the resulting rendering process require a certain amount of PC power. The tool was created with a medium power PC core i7 3770, an AMD Rx480 graphics card, Ram 16gigas. It is therefore recommended for the user to have a machine with equivalent or more powerful performance.

! Please also understand that sometimes Blender 2.8 has problems with the drivers of the graphics cards so independently of our will, some graphics cards work less than others. In general a good practice is to always update your GPU drivers.


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