Marvelous Designer Coat Project File

Marvelous Designer men's coat garment file (A Marvelous garment file is a ready-to-use dynamic 3D clothing item for Marvelous Designer software.)

Simply import this jacket...

Marvelous Designer men's coat garment file. (A Marvelous garment file is a ready-to-use dynamic 3D clothing item for Marvelous Designer software.)

Simply import this jacket clothing template into any Marvelous Designer project, fit it to your model and you're ready to use it! You can use this men's coat as-is for your own projects or use it as a starting point and easily modify it to look very different.

To see how easy and fast it is to fit my Marvelous Designer jackets to other very different shaped/sized models, watch these quick free video tutorials:

(This jacket was designed for male models, however, you could modify it to fit female models.)

**** What's included: *****

The ready-to-use Marvelous Designer jacket garment file. 3 Marvelous Designer fabric physical property presets. Marvelous Designer jacket sewing patterns (for reference). A seamless felt fabric texture which you can use for any project.

**** Compatibility: ****

You can ONLY open this file in MD software (MD5+).

However, you can export the clothing model from MD to any 3D software you want.

You can fit this garment file to any 3D model and use it as-is, or modify it to create other types of 3D bathing robes. Since it's dynamic, you can do whatever you want with it - use it in animations, simulate it on different avatar poses, hang it in a closet, toss it over a chair etc.

**** FAQ ****

What are Marvelous Designer physical property presets?

PPS (aka fabric presets) control how the cloth simulates/drapes/hangs/animates. Different settings can create different fabric results - from soft silky cloth to hard leather.

What are Marvelous Designer clothing patterns?

The Marvelous patterns are great as quick reference whenever you want to see how certain clothes are made when creating your own similar clothes from scratch without loading in a garment.

What is a Marvelous Designer garment file?

A garment file is what you see in the final render - the ready made garment. You can use it as-is or modify it.

Garment files are also great as templates and bases. With a few clicks, in a few minutes, you could have a completely different looking garment.

***** License: ******

You CAN use this Marvelous Designer garment file (as-is or modified) for your personal projects, commercial projects, and client projects (including games, animations, 3D art etc.).

You CAN use this Marvelous Designer garment to create rigged clothing for sale (such as DAZ/Poser clothing or other 3D clothing).

You can NOT resell our MD garment file or any part of it (patterns, textures, or physical property presets), distribute it in any form or manner, give it away, share it, claim it as yours, or modify the garment file and claim it as yours.

Thanks! :)


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