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Realistic Dynamic Snowflake Brushes for Photoshop

Use these dynamic Photoshop snowflake brushes and falling snow brushes to add realistic snow to your 2D illustrations, concept art and 3D renders. Includes both stamp brushes, dynamic scatter brushes and dynamic magic snow trail brushes which follow your mouse / pen strokes.

Play the video to see what's included in this snow brush set.

This Photoshop snow brush set includes 10 dynamic snowflake brushes (9 realistic snowflakes and one magical dreamy falling snow brush that can also be used as a magical fairy dust brush). With just a few clicks you get a sky full of lovely falling snowflakes.

This pack also includes 23 pre-made sky full of snowflakes stamp brushes; use the pre-made ones for a one click sky full of snowflakes or use the dynamic brushes to make snowflakes anywhere you want. You can also mix the brushes, make some smaller flakes with one brush then some bigger ones with another brush etc.

You can use these snowflake brushes in Photoshop as well in a program like After Effects as a custom particle to create animated falling snow.

If you want to create animated snowflakes in After Effects as in the video intro, simply stamp a snowflake onto your PS document, export it as a PNG, import it into AE, then set up your particle system (Particle Playground or using a plugin such as Red Giant Trapcode Particular), set the custom particle to be the PNG (select textured Sprite in Particular), tweak settings and create a sky full of pretty falling snowflakes.

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