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Hero Anatomy Vol 7 & 8: Body & Face, Suit Batman

Creating 3D superhero characters in Zbrush Vol. 1 (Vol 7) & 2 (Vol 8): Creating Batman

Organic modeling in Zbrush. You will learn to create...

Creating 3D superhero characters in Zbrush Vol. 1 (Vol 7) & 2 (Vol 8): Creating Batman

Organic modeling in Zbrush. You will learn to create Batman from scratch with Zbrush, both his anatomy and his characteristic costume.

Classes: 76 | Skill level: Intermediate level | Languages: English

3d full body batman

Description Are you a student, professional or amateur and aspire to become a digital artist and want to strengthen skills for the creation of 3d characters in the film industry, digital animation and video games? If your answer is yes, this course is for you!

If you want to create characters of all kinds such as professionals, thin, muscular, giant, gross or cartoon characters, you just have to sign up for the course and develop each one of the proposed activities.

Through more than 76 classes (with part 1) you can learn the industrial process of 3D character creation, put your anatomy knowledge into practice and remember the basic concepts.

You will learn to work with a technical supervisor, a production coordinator and gain time with the implementation of an incremental development.

At the end of the course you can apply their techniques to any type of character, realistic, cartoon, manga or whatever style you need or what you like. It is time to become a 3D character modeling professional.

Which are the requirements? The course is developed in the software Zbrush R7, so it is important that you have the program installed on your computer, on the Pixologic website you will find a free version for 45 days (trial).

Both the syllabus and the visual references are related to the human body (Masculine and Feminine) so it is important to understand that they are reviewed within a learning environment.

Have attitude, willingness and desire to learn! Where possible, it is ideal that you have seen the first 3 parts of the course.

What will I learn in this course? You will apply the anatomy concepts presented in the first 3 courses of 3D Character Creation; "Vol.1 Fundamentals of Human Anatomy, Vol.2 Head and, Vol.3 Hands" and Feet, of course this is not an impediment to see the course.

At the end of the course, you will understand the steps for the creation of a 3D character applying the process used in a world class production.

You will understand the proportions that you must apply to a character to give him the appearance of a normal character or Superhero.

You will understand how to manage files of millions of polygons, lower them to a much lower resolution while preserving details or textures.

Who is it for? This course is aimed at any character creation student who is about to start classes or if he has been creating them for a while and wants to improve his technique, this course will be very useful.

If you have problems developing characters of high complexity, these classes will give you tools and clear knowledge to manage the complexity of those characters.

This course consists of 76 classes

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