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Vol. 1 Kratos in Zbrush En: Head and Body

Kratos in Zbrush Vol. 1: Head and Body

Understand the base for human anatomy for creating 3D characters of high quiality.

Are you a student, professional or amateur and wish to become a digital artist? want to develop skills for the creation of 3d characters in the movies industry, Digital Animation and Videogames ?. If your answer is yes, this course is for you!

You’ll use a set of tools that will allow you manage shapes under control. You'll apply advaced techniques for optimizing your time and workflow. I’ll show you how to generate the shapes through several detail levels. Through 32 classes you will be able to learn everything you need for modeling a character, anatomically correct, and recommendations for implementing this knowledge on your future projects.

The course contains the following topics: Masks Plygroups Pectorals Deltoid Trapezius Teres and Infraspinatus Latissimus dorsi Serratus Abs Torso Arms Legs

This knowledge will be part of your tools as a professional, will represent a differentiation against those who ignore the contribution that anatomy makes to a job, creating quality characters, no matter if it is realistic, cartoon, manga or whatever style you choose. What are you waiting for?, sign up now!

We'd like to welcome you to this course about character creation. This time, we’ll make Kratos, the main character on the video game GOD OF WAR. The porpoise of this course is to sculpt Kratos with the prototype level of detail, which I’ve prepared for this course.

As we make progress on the course, I invite you to apply the knowledge on a practical exercise following what the instructors does. Pause and rewind the video as many times as you consider needed in order to make sure you get it.

!Happy journey!

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