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How To Draw Demons

Welcome to How To Draw Demons - a short Comic Art Tutorial series that'll take you through the entire process of drafting, designing and refining a variety of intricately detailed, demon concepts.

The core focus of this tutorial set will be to give you an inside look into my approach to creature design, and how I go about developing an idea from a rudimentary foundation into a polished Comic Book Illustration. You’ll watch as I take each roughly drawn sketch and flesh out the details, articulating the anatomy and design of each character.

You'll learn about my Comic Art Workflow, and get an inside look into my favorite detailing, rendering and texturing techniques.

I'll also show you how to not only draw up a single character concept within a scene, but multiple characters within a single shot.

As you watch each illustration begin to take a more refined form throughout these comic art tutorials, I’ll explain how shading, rendering and details must be balanced in order to achieve a finished visual representation of the art work which is easily readable by the audience.

Finally you’ll learn how to draw, render and detail clothing in a way that describes the specific materials that the fabric of your character’s costuming is made of.

I hope you enjoy this Comic Art Tutorial and that you get a ton of value out of the comic art tips, tricks and techniques you’re going to see me demonstrate. Not will you discover how the finished illustration is built up from the bare-bones foundation of the drawing, but you’ll have me there to explain each one of the key concepts I’m considering throughout its production.

The total run-time of the How To Draw Demons Tutorial Series is 1 Hour and 30 Minutes, split over 4 episodes.

This tutorial series is provided completely free of charge as a gesture of good will to the Comic Art Community. I sincerely hope you get a ton of value out of it.

If you would like to support How To Draw Comics . NET you're able to pay whatever price you'd like at checkout - and every single dollar you give will be put back into the creation of new tutorials, courses and resources for all artists.

Thanks for watching, and enjoy! -Clayton

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