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Understanding Mood: Colors

Do you find the topic of color confusing or don't know how to decide what colors to use in your illustrations?

Over the last ten years as an illustrator, it is clear to me that colors are one of the most powerful ways to set a mood, add energy or create harmony in an image. In Understanding Colors we look at the subject in a logical and understandable way so you can readily apply the knowledge in your own work. We get to know the personality, strengths and weaknesses of individual colors and learn how to make them work together in varying ways. Throughout the material we give focus on how the desired mood of the image can answer many of the choices when it comes to color. This PDF will serve as an introduction to the topic of colors as well as a great resource for quick reference.

TOPICS: Color Profiles - Every color has different connotations and if you know them you can use them to your advantage. Color Schemes - Examine the benefits of purposefully limiting an image's pool of colors. Color Palettes - Every color scheme is based on one of three paradigms. Color Relativity - Understand how colors appear to change depending on the colors around them.

• Includes 23pg PDF full of dozens of examples and illustrations

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